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Futuristic Sports Game Steel Circus Closed Alpha Details

The futuristic multiplayer hero sports game, Steel Circus, developed by Iron Mountain Interactive and published by Oasis Games will begin its Closed Alpha Test in the next few months.

In the game players compete in online multiplayer matches by controlling one of several heroes. The objective is to score by shooting the ball through the opposing goal by any means. Every champion has their own skill set with two special skills. There are a range of roles for characters from support that provides buffs and heals to brawling powerhouses.

The difference between decent and great players is how well a player can master these abilities. Each power is designed around team play. Strategic cooperation with teammates is crucial to claiming victory.

“Featuring a top-down perspective onto the playing field of the future, unique team-play capabilities, and a smattering of MOBA elements, Steel Circus is truly a unique take on Future Sports. We’re extremely excited to invite players to join us on our journey to bring Steel Circus into closed testing in the coming months!”

Helmut Hutterer, Game Director at Iron Mountain Interactive

The story of Steel Circus takes place in 2350 after decades war that has worn down the solar system and with peace hanging by a thread. In an effort to promote peace and better communication representatives from the various factions are brought to the Solar Council for closed door talks. During these talks, heroes, or champions in game, compete before roaring crowds to claim honor and glory for their group at the Steel Circus championships.

Currently in the pre-alpha phase of production, Steel Circus, has also announced the availability of a sign-up page that subscribers will receive updates regarding specific Alpha Test schedule and further game information. The Closed Alpha Test will be conducted through Steam.

Iron Mountain Interactive GmbH is a multi-platform game developer located in Vienna, Austria. The developer was founded in 2017 by a group of former Rockstar Games, Deep Silver, and Socialspiel Entertainment veterans who have been creating AAA PC, console, and free to play games for over 15 years.

Oasis Games Limited was established in 2011 and has since become one of the top global interactive entertainment publishers. The company’s games have been translated into 16 different languages and published in more than 130 countries and continues its pioneering presence as the first strategic publishing partner of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) Shanghai. The company has launched a lineup of exciting Steam and PlayStation VR games, and also has highly anticipated titles such as Monkey King: Hero Is Back on the horizon for release.

For more information on Steel Circus, Iron Mountain Interactive, or Oasis Games visit their websites.