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Broken Reality Now Live On Steam

Get ready to dive into the strange, funny, and just plain weird. Broken Reality from game studio Dynamic Media Triad and publisher Digital Tribe Games is now live on Steam.

The game base price is 14.99 USD. A 10% off launch week discount runs until December 6, 2018. Mac and Linux versions will follow and launch by the end of December.

Broken Reality is a new indie adventure where players will dive into five unique levels of a non-stop humorous adventure set in a 3D internet world. Players explore, collect likes, solve puzzles, do quests for flavorful characters all while discovering the dark secrets beneath the Net. The game is comedic by nature, and a lot of care has gone into the Vaporware style aesthetics. Every level is a hand-crafted experience with unique assets.

Broken Reality is a first-person puzzle/adventure game set in a world where Internet sites are 3D places rather than 2D pages. The player takes control of a nameless, faceless user who has just created their account on the system. The gameplay is in itself a commentary on the state of the internet, social media, truth and more in the post-truth era, while also being a light-hearted parody of many famous internet sites, corporations, and activities.

Sebastian Covacevich, Lead Game Designer, Dynamic Media Triad Studio

Earlier this week the studio announced their launch date following four years of development and a successful Kickstarter campaign.