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Broken Reality Ready For November 29 Launch

Dynamic Media Triad and Digital Tribe Games is ready to put it bluntly, break reality, with Broken Reality.

Set in a future world where the internet is almost entirely ran by a single super corp, NATEM, traditional 2D websites are 3D digital experiences. Site users can interact with these websites as if they were physical locations.

Get ready to dive into a world of exploration filled with psychedelic colors or the occasional bold, colorful, and busy TV sitcom title art that is reminiscent of the 80s and 90s such as Saved By The Bell. Other areas have a retro cyberpunk feel. The hodgepodge of various site styles finds that perfect spot between the strange and the funny.

In their journey players will meet a diverse cast of characters and can help them out. Collecting likes lets players upgrade their social account granting access to new sites. Players can find passion in the exclusive Love Cruise or gamble away their time and money is the GeoCity casinos. Use the camera to find secrets, teleport around with the bookmarker, or cut ads into pieces using a katana.

The game begins when a player takes control of a nameless, faceless user who just created their account on the system. The gameplay is in itself a commentary on the state of the internet, social media, truth and more in the post-truth era. At the same time the game is a light-hearted parody of many famous internet sites, corporations, and activities with a large focus on humor, non-violent interactions, quirky quests, and arcade-style mini games.

Broken Reality is set to release November 29, 2018 for Windows PC on Steam with a price of $14.99 USD.

Dynamic Media Triad is a 4-person studio based in Mexico City. The team consists of Rod Saco on programming, Galamot Shaku (Follow on Twitter) on art, Sebastian Covacevich on game design, and Raúl Feliz on audio design. The team held a successful Kickstarter campaign to help fund the completion of Broken Reality.

Digital Tribe Games is an experienced video game accelerator that assists independent developers, artists, intellectual property owners, and established media companies, navigate the dynamic and ever-changing video game industry landscape.

For more information on Broken Reality or Digital Tribe Games visit their sites.