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City Patrol: Police Hits The Streets Soon

Toplitz Productions is moving City Patrol: Police to the end of their Early Access phase after nearly seven months.

During the Early Access phase many new ideas and valuable input from the community have been implemented.  For the Austrian publisher, Toplitz Productions, it has been important to fulfill the wishes of the community.

Based on the Unreal 4 Engine, City Patrol: Police is a daring and action packed simulation with story-driven gameplay. Each mission takes the player deeper into the gripping story while challenging your driving skills.

The police fleet is packed with a multitude of different cars. Players need to choose their vehicle wisely as they race through various environments in numerous chases across the city, the highway, and the narrow alleys of the city center as they ensure law and order.

City Patrol: Police exits Early Access for a November 29, 2018 release on Steam. The current Early Access price is $24.99 USD. Console market releases are expected in spring 2019.

The game was developed entirely in German-speaking countries. Toplitz Productions is proud of the excellent cooperation with Caipirinha Games and the support of former developers of the studio Synetic, who are significantly involved in both the game play as well as the look and feel.

For more information visit the City Patrol: Police or Toplitz Productions sites.