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Nature Simulation Equilinox Sprouts A Steam Launch

YouTuber and developer ThinMatrix is releasing his first game Equilinox on November 23.

The nature-themed sandbox simulation game allows players to create ecosystems by placing a variety of different species into the world. Every animal and plant has their own simulated life-cycle, behaviors, and effect on the surrounding environment.

Equilibrium must be maintained in these ecosystems otherwise plants will die, animals will starve, and diseases will spread.

Points are earned by having healthy, happy animals. Spending points will net the player more wildlife. Species can be genetically modified and evolved with points to unlock more exotic animals and plants.

There are over 120 species to unlock with ten different biome types. The game features cute low-poly art-styling with quirky animations.

ThinMatrix, real name Karl Wimble (Follow on Twitter), began developing Equilinox in October 2015. His progress was shared in weekly vlogs over the last three years on YouTube gaining a following of over 80,000 subscribers on his channel. Thanks to funding from his YouTube community through Patreon, Karl was able to develop Equilinox full-time for the past three years.

Equilinox launches November 23 on Steam for $9.99 USD. It is available for Windows and Mac.

For more information visit the Equilinox site or check out the ThinMatrix YouTube channel.