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Mad Machines Scores First on Discord Launch

Hero Blocks announced that their multiplayer robot smashing goal-scoring game, Mad Machines, is now available through Early Access First on Discord.

Players compete in 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3 modes as one of three unique classes: Chopper, Jet and Viking. Covered in magnetic armor-plating these robots are not messing around. Score the most goals and win.

Gameplay is built on fine-tuned physics-based mechanics where skill is everything. Aggressive play is needed in this sports competition while players fight over a deadly, magnetized metal spike-ball.

“Mad Machines is no 5-minute stroll in the park. It’s an intense, knuckle-whitening, breath-taking, sweat-inducing demolition derby,” Hero Blocks CEO and lead designer Carsten Nissen said. “As an early access title, we’re looking for good players who kick ass and then come tell us how we can improve their ass-kicking experience.”

During Early Access players can expect significant changes and updates as Mad Machines is actively being developed. Features the development team is planning to include are extensive leaderboards, character customization, more game modes, more arenas, more characters, ranked play, and mini games such as goalie training.

Mad Machines is available as a First on Discord Early Access title for $14.14 USD/€12.12 EU.

Hero Blocks is a game studio located on the west coast on Denmark. Founded in 2015, Mad Machines is the studio’s first game. The studio loves games that go the extra mile in regards to gameplay, feel and look. They like to mix genres and are excited to be sharing their ideas and games with players.

For more information about Mad Machines or Hero Blocks visit their sites.