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Matchmaking Missteps Setup Windfall for PUBG Players

Since PUBG PC Patch #22 players have been in near revolt over the newly implemented matchmaking changes. However, what was supposed to be a ping-based matchmaking turned into frequent network lag and server connection issues.

The PUBG subreddit has seen a fair share of complaints regarding the changes. As one EU player stated:

Now after the patch I can’t select region and have 100 ping every game wtf?!
I thought this patch was supposed to put me on the best server considering my location?

They then went on to complain about the recent surge in cheaters as well.

And I swear by god, at LEAST every second game has an obvious cheater in it now, and I am not just saying that “because I’m mad” I litterally had one of the guys banned today, from reporting yesterday.

PUBG has had a notorious problem with cheaters. However, they have been taking action to ban cheaters once reported. One Redditor, sjk045, has been compiling data on these bans from the Korean PUBG Cafe site. Just this past week 210k accounts were banned for cheating.

As for the matchmaking issues PUBG has been working since the release of Patch #22 to fix the issues. For example, on October 5 PUBG announced a patch to fix a bug that affected global matchmaking.

On October 12, PUBG released a letter to the players about the intent behind the Patch #22 matchmaking changes and what they are working to fix the system.

Once deployed, the system will now properly prioritize putting players into matches on servers in their local region. In the event of excessive queue times due to a small matchmaking pool, the next closest region will be chosen to ensure players aren’t stuck matchmaking indefinitely.

Then on October 18 in PUBG’s apology for the issues associated with matchmaking and server connectivity players were offered 20,000 BP and a Black Beanie with Headphones in game item. Players have until October 23, 5pm PDT to claim these items in game.

With the recent effort behind fixing these issues players can only hope that all of these issues will be fully resolved by the time PC Patch #23 rolls out to live servers.