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Tactical Shooter, Dreadnought, Launches on Steam

On October 14, Dreadnought, the free-to-play tactical shooter from Six Foot launched on Steam. Dreadnought, titled “Command the Colossal” features massive capital ships.

In this launch update, the game will include a new visual look, UI enhancements, and support for Russian and simplified Chinese languages. The launch also includes a new animated lore trailer featuring many of the games spaceships and ship manufactures while showcasing core conflict in the game.

PC players can link their Dreadnought and Steam accounts to keep their existing achievements.

Dreadnought gameplay focuses on team-based spaceship action in 8v8 matches across the solar systems. Players can command a fleet of 70 customizable vessels from five classes. More advanced ships, modules, and more are unlocked as players battle for fame, riches, and glory.

Team Deathmatch and Onslaught modes allow players and friends to battle both enemy team’s ships and neutral AI vessels. Conquest allows players to capture, link, and hold territory through strategic maneuvering. A post-release update will add Havoc mode and the ability to play custom matches to the Steam version. More information will be provided about this update in the future.

For more information visit the Six Foot site. For more information on the game visit the Dreadnought site.