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Train Simulator 2019 Now Arriving

All aboard! Train Simulator 2019 is ready to take off.

Dovetail Games announced on October 11 the release of Train Simulator 2019.

Train Simulator 2019 is designed to fully immerse the player into the world of trains. Players are able to decide “what to do, where and when” using a variety of locomotives and routes. Powerful tools are available to the player for creating custom routes and scenarios or download created content from other Train Simulator 2019 owners.

A new key feature is 64-bit support. According to the press release, 64-bit support was the “most requested community feature”. Options to run in 32 or 64-bit are available.

Train Simulator 2019 offers players three of the latest purchasable routes: Portsmouth Direct Line, Frankfurt High Speed, and Soldier Summit & Salt Lake City. There is a set of free technology upgrades accessible to all Train Simulator owners.

Players will start as a virtual train driver. They can drive authentic replicas of world trains, explore the stunning vistas, diverse railways, and form a collection of routes, locomotives, trains, and rolling stock.

Train Simulator 2019 is available for Windows PC both in digital and boxed format. The digital version is available on Steam. Boxed versions are available at leading video game and other entertainment retailers. For more information please visit the Train Simulator site.