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Torbjörn Set for Rework

In the September 2018 Overwatch Developer Update a big change is in store for Torbjörn.

Torbjörn is set for a rework that will be appearing on the Overwatch PTR. Armor Packs and the scrap system have been, well, scrapped. A new ability called Overload will replace Armor Packs. Overload lasts for 5 seconds, temporarily grants 150 armor, and increases attack, movement, and reload speed by 30%.

Don’t worry about Torbjörn’s iconic “Molten core!” yell associated with his ultimate ability as it will be staying. In addition, Molten Core now fires 10 molten globules. Each globule will create a magma pool that deals area effect damage with extra damage against armor. Globules can bounce off walls and ceilings until coming in contact with the ground.

The turret is receiving an overhaul too. All turrets will spawn as a current level 2 turret and the turret level system has been scrapped. Turrets, when deployed, have a small animated build time over 3 seconds. Turrets can also be thrown.

Lastly, Torbjörn’s Rivet Gun will be seeing a series of changes. Project speed has been increased from 60 to 70 per second while the reload time reduced from 2.2 to 2 seconds. Turrets will now target enemy hit by Torbjörn’s primary fire. The recovery time, damage per shot, and reload time have all been lowered for Torbjörn’s alternate fire.

All of these changes and additional PTR changes with the September 21, 2018 update can be found on the Overwatch forums.